Guild Wars 2 Healthy Gamer Guild!

Come join me on Borlis Pass and play with other healthy gamers.

My intentions for the guild:

  • Build a positive community! That’s the number one goal. When you log on you’ll be greeted by your best friends, not a bunch of people you hate but have to put up with to beat bosses
  • Dominate PVP. Organization, co-ordination, and maturity wins in PvP every time. We’ll have our own vent and play organized PvP as often as there are enough people to do so.
  • Support each other to get off the game and reach our goals in real life. I’ll host tons of contests/competitions within the guild to help us all reach goals.

Requirements to join:

  • Mature
  • Positive
  • Friendly


The Server we are rolling on is Borlis Pass. I will post details of the guild name and my in game name at launch on the website, twitter, and facebook. So just start a character on Borlis Pass and start leveling and then send me a whisper in game to get an invite.

There won’t be any organized guild events at launch. I’m anticipating connection/lag issues and as such it would be a nightmare to try to get a bunch of people together(especially since everyone will be in different starter zones) so just do your own thing and level up. Feel free to organize little leveling parties within guild chat, but there won’t be any official guild launch events. A few days down the road I anticipate WvW and PvP parties forming up regularly.

Jack N. has graciously purchased a 96 man vent server for our guild. The vent information will be given out in-game and should be used by guild members only. Please don’t invite random people onto the vent.

Borlis Pass Server Council

This idea came from a youtuber named Kaeyi Dream. The Server Council will be a guild filled with the other guild leaders on Borlis Pass. This guild of guild leaders will be used to help organize and plan server wide events.

Youtubers Psychopoweranger and Matt Visual will be rolling on Borlis Pass as well and all of us are committed to building an incredibly strong community within the server. We will blot out the sun with youtube videos featuring Borlis Pass :)

The council will be an extremely efficient and effective organizational tool for the server. For example rather than 20 different guilds doing their own thing in WvW we can very quickly blast a message out to the guild leaders in this guild chat, see who is interested in running a larger WvW event, all organize and meet on the same location and then from there proceed to systematically take keeps. This level of organization will be extremely powerful in WvW.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the power that this organization can bring to our server. is the website I put up for our server. Go over and introduce yourself to the server! Can’t wait to see everyone in game!

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