How to Monetize Your Blog

I’ve been approached by a few advertisers and sponsors in the last few weeks wanting to advertise on The Healthy Gamer and this got me thinking about all the different ways to monetize a blog. I know this probably isn’t relevant to most of you, but hell, I’m going to write about it anyways because that’s what you can do when you have your own blog.


Google adsense is the simplest form of advertisement that can be put on a blog. All you need to do is sign up with Google(a simple process) and then throw the HTML or javascript they generate for you into a text box widget in your sidebar, and you have automatic ads. It’s a good option to get started when you’re small and can’t attract dedicated advertisers. Don’t expect to get rich from adsense, but it is nice to at recoup your hosing costs.

Amazon Affiliate

Amazon offers an affiliate program where you get a percentage of every sale from traffic that you drive to Amazon is much better than other affiliate programs because people trust Amazon and buy like crazy from there. So if you write a blog post talking about say standing desks or protein powder just throw in your Amazon affiliate link. Then when your readers buy from Amazon you get a percentage of that sale. They don’t even have to buy anything you linked either. You get a percentage of anything they buy on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking your link. The best part is that it doesn’t cost them any extra money either!

Sell Branded Gear

the chiveSelling branded gear is not only a great way to earn some money, it’s also a great marketing tool. Whoever first thought of putting logos on t-shirts was brilliant. We now pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of being walking billboards. You can sell t-shirts to promote your brand or even make some t-shirts for giveaways. People love t-shirts. Take a look at almost any top blog(like The Chive) and you’ll see that they sell branded t-shirts. It’s not only promoting their brand but also adding a nice stream of revenue for their website. I’ve been looking around the web and found Quality Logo Products – you can buy custom t-shirts here for $2.75 per shirt. Insanely cheap. Then if you sold them for $10+ shipping it could add a small but steady stream of revenue for even a small blog.

Sell a Product

The best way to monetize a blog is to sell a product. If you could choose between advertising that pays you $1 per 1,000 visitors, or a product that you can sell to ONE person for $50, what is the clear winner?

What you need to focus on when creating a product is solving a person’s needs. A man who can be of service to others will never go hungry. Don’t focus on trying to make money when you are creating your product. Instead focus on the needs of your viewership and figure out how you can best solve that need. In this way you will create loyal customers who will come back to you again and again.

What happens when you don’t focus on the needs of your readers is what you see splattered across the internet. All of these gimmicky “get rich quick” “lose 30lbs in 7 days” info products. They SCREAM scam. And I detest them. These were created by unscrupulous individuals who only had their own profit in mind. Will they make money? Yes. Will their business survive in the long term? No, because anyone who buys their product will grow to resent them for failing to deliver a product that lives up to the hype and as consequently never purchase anything from that business again.

New content coming again starting June 17th

Just wanted to write this quick post and update everyone. For those that didn’t know, I was gone on Army National Guard annual training. I’m back now and after a short break to relax will be uploading new videos everyday starting on the 17th. I appreciate everyone being patient! And if there’s specific vids you’d like to see post them here in the comments and I’ll do my best to accommodate.