Home Leg Workout for Men – No Equipment Necessary

Another at-home workout! This is 8 minutes of total work designed to really hit your legs. See more at home workouts videos for men here.

2 mins Box Jumps

2 mins Air Squats

1 min rest

2 mins Box Jumps

2 mins Air Squats

The box jumps and air squats are a great leg workout for men. If you’re doing this at home and don’t have access to a plyo box you can use a chair, a bed, stairs, a table to do step-ups(I wouldn’t recommend jumping on anything that’s not designed to be jumped on). Or you can build your own plyo box at home for about $35.

Box jumps will build plyometric strength and increase your heart-rate. Fantastic exercise for overall athletic ability and conditioning.

Air squats are great for building strength in the legs, targeting your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. They’re also hands down the best hypertrophy exercise you can do without weights.

Post your total number of reps below!(I forgot to count mind haha).

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