Diablo 3 Monk Inferno 1.0.3 Equipment Guide

Hello healthy gamers! This post is all about equipment in the post IAS nerfed 1.0.3 era. Come inside to find out what you should spend your hard-earned gold on.

Here’s how this is going to work. I’ll go over slots, and give you the best in slot option(20mil +), a medium range option(1-5mil), and a cheap option(less than 500k)


Crit chance and crit hit damage is the new IAS. This is the stat you’re looking for the most. Crit hit chance can be found on rings, amulets, gloves, helm, bracers, and shields. Critical hit damage can be found on weapons, rings, amulets, and gloves. 25% crit hit chance is a good number to shoot for.

Dexterity of course is still vital to increasing your overall DPS and giving you a higher dodge rating. Do not neglect dexterity. 1400 is a good number to shoot for.

Vitaliy in my opinion is overrated. As long as you’re not getting one shot by anything you have enough vitality. Because think of it this way. If you have 80k hp, after that first hit you’re going to be constantly fluctuating between 0 and 80k, and most of the time you’ll never reach full HP again during the fight. So therefore what you really need is enough HP to take 1 or 2 big hits, and then focus your other stats on resists/armor so you take less damage per hit, dps stats so you kill them faster, and life on hit/lifesteal stats which constantly give you a benefit rather than a one-off benefit like vitality. I run Act 3 Inferno with 32k hps and am able to farm Siegebreaker with 5 stacks of NV.

Resists vital to your survival, but again I think most people sacrifice too much DPS in favor of resists. The beauty of a monk is that you have so many skills to avoid damage. Between serenity and blind you can have six seconds of attacking where you’re not taking damage, and a lot of skills interrupt mobs so again you’re not taking damage. Therefore it behooves you to be able to do as much DPS as possible in that window where you’re not taking damage as opposed to trying to stack things up to the point where you can tank all these ridiculously huge hits. I don’t think that’s the design intent Blizzard has for monks. IMO Monks are really designed to have a good balance between offensive and defensive capabilities, and I’ve had a ton of success with relatively low resists(400) but high DPS(38k buffed before conviction buffs).

IAS still a great skill. Especially when coupled with lifesteal and life on hit. If you can I would still pick up weapons and armor with IAS in addition to critical hit damage, or sacrifice a few pieces of crit for some pieces of IAS. A 1.8 or faster attack speed would be best.

Life on hit – Wonderful stat, and almost required for you to progress beyond Act 2 Inferno. Which is also why it’s one of the most expensive stats out there. Life on hit can be found on weapons, amulets, rings, and a few pieces of set gear.

Lifesteal – The general consensus is that lifesteal is useless. I don’t believe so. A monk with high crit gear and high crit damage can start seeing 100k+ crits and getting some just crazy DPS. With 2.5% lifesteal, hitting for 100k, equals out to 480 life stolen(100k * .024 * .2). A weapon with crit dmg, a socket, and 480 life on hit would cost WAY more than a weapon with those same stats but lifesteal instead of life on hit. And the great thing about lifesteal is that it SCALES. That same weapon, hitting for 200k equals 960 life stolen. A 960 life on hit weapon with 120+ crit dmg is going to cost you 20-50 mil. The smart money is that end-game, lifesteal will be better than life on hit.

Here’s a screenshot of my item build I’m using currently, click like to reveal.

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If you don’t have social media there’s a link to the picture at the end of the post.


Post 1.0.3 I prefer dual wielding. One, because it naturally increases your IAS(increased attack speed) by 15%. Two, because you can stack crit hit damage on both weapons, and get life on hit or lifesteal on both weapons. And three the dual wield passive for 15% extra dodge is really nice to have for survival.

  • Cheap option – Buy 600-700 dps 1handers with lifesteal/life on hit and crit dmg, find a socketed weapon if you can.
  • Medium option – Buy a 700-850 dps 1hander with lifesteal or life on hit and at least 120+ crit hit dmg between the socket and what’s on the weapon naturally
  • Best in slot – 1000+ dps with 3% lifesteal or 900+ life on hit, 10%+ IAS, +90% crit hit dmg, and a socket


Shields can be fun to really jack up your crit hit chance with and offer a little more survivability. You’re looking for crit chance first of all, then dexterity, vitality, and all resist + whatever other resist you’re stacking.

  • Cheap option – 5-7% crit hit chance, low rolls of either dex and resists or vitality and resists
  • Medium option – 8-10% crit hit chance, dex, vitality, and all resist
  • Best in slot – 10% crit hit chance, high dex, vitality, all resist and the resist you’re stacking


Helms you want critical hit damage and a socket, then look for dex, vit, and all resist.

  • Cheap – 2-4% crit with dexterity
  • Medium – 4% crit, dexterity, vitality, and all resist
  • Best in slot – Just really high crit, dex, vit, and all resist


Shoulders are just your straight stats, dex, vitality, resists

  • Cheap, medium, and BIS are all about the same, just find the highest stats you can at the price range that you can afford.


Chest is again straight stats, also chest can have up to 3 sockets so getting a 3 socket chest if you can.

  • Cheap – Dex, vitality, all resists
  • Medium – Dex, vitality, all resists, 1-2 sockets
  • BIS – 200+ dex, vitality, 60+ all resist, 30+ other resist, and 3 sockets


Bracers can have crit hit chance, and then same dex, vitality, resists.

  • Cheap – 2-4% crit, dex or vitality, and all resists
  • Medium – 4% crit, dex & vit, and all reists
  • BIS – 4%+ crit, dex, vitality, all resist, and reduce melee damage taken


Gloves can have crit hit dmg, crit hit chance, and IAS.

  • Cheap – 4-6% crit, 10-20% crit hit dmg, dex
  • Medium – 6-8% crit, 20-30% crit hit dmg, dex, vit, all resist
  • BIS – 8%+ crit, 8%+ IAS, 30%+ crit hit dmg, dex, vit, all resist


Belt are straightforward dex, vitality, all resist, just buy the best stats at the price you can afford.


Pants can have up to two sockets(I believe, maybe 3?) otherwise stats are dex, vitality, all resists.


Boots you should definitely get move speed

  • Cheap – dex, vitality, 10%+ move speed
  • Medium – Dex, vitality, all resist, 12%+ move speed
  • BIS – Dex, vit, all resist, 12% move speed, 8% IAS


Rings you should look for crit hit chance, crit hit dmg, IAS, LoH, dex, vitality, all resists. Good rings can get REALLY expensive.

  • Cheap – 3-4% crit hit chance with dex
  • Medium – 3-4% crit hit chance, 10-20% crit hit dmg, dex or vitality
  • BIS – 4% crit, 30% crit hit dmg, +8% IAS, +100 LoH, dex, vitality, all resist


Like rings amulets can get really expensive, look for crit hit chance, life on hit, crit hit dmg, IAS, dex, vitality, all resists

  • Cheap – 6-8% crit hit chance with dex
  • Medium – 8% crit with 10-30% crit hit dmg and +100 life on hit
  • BIS – 8%+ crit, 8%+ IAS, 30% crit hit dmg, +400 life on hit, dex

For more d3 monk builds visit the Monk builds page here. Check out this post for my favorite 1.0.3 farming spot. Click here for more articles related to health and fitness. Get good karma and great free items by visiting the “good karma” forums here.

  • SagaKeeper

    I concur 100%

    Aslo, a great snag on IAS… it is far from dead, 200 stat+9% IAS amulets are still 2M+ easy on the AH for ranged classes.

  • http://luckypham.net lucky pham

    i think this stats good enough for act 2
    But when i fight with elites pack in act 2, i was slaining many time.
    Do you know my problem ??
    sorry about my english.

    • Essedge

      some packs just require kiting, like HG has said in a few video’s some of them just hit too hard or have too much aoe death effects and you need to move around.

      those stats are better then mine and I’m progressing into act II fairly well, everyone dies at some point!

      • http://luckypham.net lucky pham

        thank you :D

  • Thomas

    hi there, i’ve analyze your equip & your detail stats. Apparently u have 354 res (based on details), but i’m having trouble adding all your res based on your gear shown. The highest res u have so far is poison res with 86 + all res 154. So the total res u have is 86+154=240 (using passive skill of One with everything). However your details shown is 354 instead of 240, and even u buff the mantra of healing with time of need rune it will grant additional of 20% and that will equal to additional 48 res. So where did those additional 66 res comes from?

    Maybe i m missing something here. i apologized in advance if i misread your equip stats.

    Thank you.

    • The Healthy Gamer

      Hm I don’t know, I just took screenshots of my stats and equip, haven’t actually bothered to add up the numbers myself. I stack all resist and arcane resist so that’s probably where the discrepancy is coming from.

      • Adrian

        Intelligence also increases resists. :)

      • scrubca

        I added up all your stats from one of your previous builds here is where your 354 Resist comes from:

        natural resistance is 14 (this is a guess based on the equipment you were using).. I determined mine by taking off all the equipment, and you can see the base level Natural resistance, mine is 7)

        220 from Resist all and 120 from stacking Arcane resistance. (mainly from Shoulders, Bracers, belt, pants and boots.)

        Total resist = 220 + 120 + 14 = 354

        It was from this build here :

        I think the equipment was similar.. but I haven’t looked into it that closely

        • The Healthy Gamer

          Cool thanks for that hard work :)

  • Randomzee

    I think life steal is a good stat or should be. I’ve played around with it and am not sure if there is a time lagg between hits and when life is converted.

    I’m also wondering about the equation for lifesteal. If you do 100k damage shouldn’t it just be (Damage x Percentage). (100k * .024) using your example. Have I missed something that you did multiplied it by .2 again??

    Either way great website :0 Keep it up

    • The Healthy Gamer

      There’s a 80% debuff to lifesteal in Inferno, so it’s dmg * lifesteal percent * 20% because only 20% of lifesteal is active in Inferno.

  • barbarian

    hello, i really enjoy your monk build. It is awesome. Watching for 80k+ dps and elites dying in seconds. But i was trying to fight against khom :)) I have no chances. Have 600 res, ~5k armor. And other things that doing my build little better costs for tens of millions. Maybe blizzard do something to kill all ah bots, who automaticly bid on good things =/ Now it is alomost imposible to concurate with them. And buying things even you have money for bid is almost imposible. As i understand for khom i need 8,5 with buff and ranged skill with runa for armor, and 700 res